Sunday, July 22, 2007

Auto updates

Yup... it's here at last - I implemented an auto update mechanism that with a single mouse click will take your current ImageViewer executable and replace it with the newest version available.

The auto update first downloads a simple "bootstrapping" executable into your temp directory, that executable is then instructed to download the latest version of ImageViewer, kill the currently running instance of the previous version, replace the executable files and... reopen ImageViewer on the exact document that you've been watching before the update - should work out well imho but if you feel the process could be improved please let me know.

The bad part is you can't check it out yet - but once you install the 2.4 version manually - it should be the last manual install you ever do.

ps. I've also created a skeleton of a web page for ImageViewer, let me know what you think. It's running Drupal and at least for now it's working really well so I can recommend that to anyone needing a simple CMS system.

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