Monday, July 9, 2007

The one person makes a difference thing

As I already mentioned I did a bit of cleaning thanks to a friend of mine and the program really became usable.

Since then I did a few other minor tweaks that make it even more usable - in fact I got so motivated that I even did a feature my girl asked for 2 years ago... seems it's the "not so close" friends that motivate me the most (let me know what YOU think).

I went ahead and refactored the file navigation mechanisms which now allow file deletion to happen in any possible way and still properly move you to the correct image which was an issue before (how it came to that is a total mistery to me ;) ).

Yes... There's a delete icon present on the toolbar at last...

I also noticed the "image to text" ratio here is quite low so here goes - the first screenshot of ImageViewer on the net!

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